Sunshine choco

Sunshine choco

販売価格: 34,000円(税別)

(税込: 37,400円)


Height : 14cm

Head Type : Pocket Fairy Choco

Body Type: Beauty White Skin PF Boy Body

Glass Eye : Leeke world LG グラスアイ-013 8 mm

Wig : Cupid blonde

Outfit : シャツ、ベスト、タイ、ジーンズ、タイツ、ハンチング、スケッチバッグ (total 7pcs)

Bag: the pages

Shoes : Loafer chocolat

ETC : Makeup, Box, Cushion

Price : 34,000 YEN (Shipping fee is Not included)

Make-up Design By Xia'o / Mass Produce Dreaming Andersen

Outfit design By the pages / Sewing by TREE Design